Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chicken, Quinoa and Vegetables

I try to always prepare our lunches for the week on Sundays. 
It helps to never have to worry about what to pack for lunch. 
One of our favorite lunch meals is chicken, veggies and quinoa. 
Super simple, tastes delicious and is extremely nutritious. 
Quinoa is gluten free and has a high protein content of 18%, 
it is a complete protein and contains essential amino acids.  

This is what you need...
chicken breasts (about 1 pound)
1 bag of frozen vegetables 
(you can cut up fresh ones, depends on how much time you want to spend)
quinoa (1 cup)
garlic (i used minced)
old bay seasoning
vegetable bouillon (1) or you can use a vegetable or chicken broth
mushrooms or other vegetables you want to throw in


Start with your chicken breasts in a lightly greased pan, season both sides of your chicken 
with Old Bay.  Let that cook thoroughly.

Then sauté your vegetables in a large pan, if you start with mushrooms and onions they have their own oils, so no need for any extra.  Add in the minced garlic and any other spices according to taste and stir it up!

My awesome shark oven mitt !!!!!!

Grab a sauce pan and add in 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups water and 1 vegetable bouillon.  (If you use broth then add in the broth as a substitute for the water).  Stir it up and make sure the bouillon is dissolved and mixed in well. Bring to a boil then turn heat down to low and put a cover on the pan, let it cook for 15 minutes. 

Once everything is cooked, dice up your chicken into bite size pieces.
Throw all of it into a large container and mix it all together.
And that is it, now you have a full week of super healthy lunches ready to grab!

I doubled the recipe in the photos, so feel free to do the same or make more if you want to!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peddler's Son Produce

I have been so excited for this trip to Peddler's Son Produce all week! One of our friends who also trains with my man, owns a produce distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona. He invited us to come check it out sometime, and we jumped at the opportunity. So here we are Saturday morning! 

The warehouse was huge, and full of color, a photographers dream! Not only do they supply high end grocery stores like AJ's, but they also supply many of the restaurants in the area. They are also looking to expand within the year to a warehouse that is 3 times the size of the current one. 

Ready for the tour!!!!!!

When the bananas get over ripened they are sold at discount to smoothie venders where an over ripe banana is just what they need.


I love pineapple, yep I took one of these home with me!

They had one cooler just for mushrooms... I didn't realize there were so many different kinds, shapes and names, and not to mention some of them are worth hundreds of dollars for a pound. (no I didn't take any of the expensive shrooms;)  

Broccolette!?!?!?!? I had never heard of it before today. 
I am very excited to make this as a side for dinner, (so be ready for a new post soon). 

Edible flowers, fun for fancy drinks or sushi! 

The wonderful world of HOT-N-SPICY! My man loves spicy food, in fact the spicier the better. After we got home he ate an entire aw jalapeno pepper, I am not sure why he did it, he just did... the yellow peppers are called scotch bonnets. Most Scotch Bonnets have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 Scoville Units. For comparison, most jalapeño peppers have a heat rating of 2,500 to 8,000 on the Scoville scale

Another pepper we brought home with us but isn't pictured here, is the world's hottest chili pepper! A package of Dried Ghost Chili (Bhut Jolokia). I am not sure what I will do with the peppers but my husband will think of something. I did see on the wiki that they were used as non lethal weapon in hand grenades to flush out terrorists from their hideouts and to control rioters, and can also be found in pepper spray. 

So at least I have options in case ingesting them doesn't work out. 

FUN FACT - Hollywood Fries are the same potatoes used for In-N-Out Burger's fries!

They have an area for quality control to ensure freshness and taste, I would love a job that involves tasting fresh fruits and veggies all day! This is also where we were able to fill up our huge box of produce to take some goodies home.

The pass-off!

Now it is time to wash, cut, eat, and cook!
I hope you enjoyed the photos, and just an FYI it tastes better than it looks :)

Friday, June 15, 2012


This week a few colleagues from one of our California offices flew in to help train myself and a few co-workers on a new project for Shutterfly photo-books. One of the perks of this includes a company paid lunch. After much debating our decision was Oregano's. I love this restaurant because it has great pizzas, pastas and salads. The dining rooms are really cute, they are split into two different areas with an outside seating area between them. Even though it was pushing 108° we still sat outside, the misters work great to keep us cool enough to enjoy an afternoon outside of the office.


I love the retro menus and decor theme throughout the entire restaurant!

We started out with some appetizers, the Guaca Tony is featured below. It is an Italian guacamole, made with basil, fresh garlic and avocado and you use a thin pizza crust to eat it. It had amazing flavor and was a huge hit at our table. 


Then came our actual meals, I split two salads with a friend because we couldn't decide on just one. So we went with the Oregano's Favorite (salad on top) a greek type of salad with a honey vinaigrette dressing and The Antipasto Thing (bottom salad) which had a mixture of salami, pepperoni, capicolla, romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, and the works topped with an italian dressing. The Antipasto Thing was my favorite salad of the two. Originally we were planning to split the dinner size, but then opted for the lunch portion. 
Good thing we did too, the portions are huge, even the lunch portions are 
large enough to share and still have left overs!!

After lunch the heat really hit us and it was time to find some air-conditioning FAST! 
Never have I been so excited to fly through the doors to the freezing office. 
Then it was back to work, but with a fully satisfied belly!

If you are ever visiting Arizona check out one of their 8 locations! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturday Fun

My Saturday started out with a trip to lululemon to get some new crop pants for my pilates class. Unfortunate for my wallet I was not able to resist trying on some new workout tops and left with a new one of those as well;) Then off to Life Time Fitness for my workout. 

I started training on the pilates reformers at Life Time Fitness a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE it! The feeling I get from pilates is unlike any other workout I have experienced before, you can feel your core working the entire time. Your entire body is engaged for every exercise and when you are done you instantly feel tighter. If you have ever thought about trying pilates on the reformers, I suggest making sure your instructor is pilates certified, not all workout facilities require the certification.

After my sweat session I took some photos of my new shirt and crops. The crops are super light weight and feel like you hardly have anything on, and the shirt can be cinched on the sides to fit more snug or loosened, it also has a big swoop in the back allowing air circulation to keep you cool!

Then off to the pool with some friends and my hubby!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gallery Day at Tiny Prints

One of my amazing co-workers set up an event to show off our production team's talents outside of work. I was extremely impressed with the different projects that were on display. You learn a lot about a person by viewing their artwork. We had everything from paintings, jewelry, decorative instruments, photography, sculptures, typography and the list goes on. The photos below just show a snippet of the talents. Oh and of course we had food, because it just wouldn't be a party without it! 

I am so excited for our next gallery day that I have already started thinking of what I will bring in to share with my co-workers. I have some big items that I left at my mom and dad's home in Minnesota I wish I could bring, but will have to settle for photographs. Time for me to get creative and start making new stuff! Once again the work shown above is property of my co-workers from Tiny Prints