Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Affordable Custom Jeans

I always have a hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit me absolutely perfect. If they fit in the waist, they are too small in the legs or vice versa. This lead me onto the hunt to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. After some research on the web I stumbled on a website called, it seemed too good to be true, a custom pair of jeans made to your measurements and specifications starting at $49! I dug a little deeper and read testimonials featured on the site by people who have ordered their jeans. I was amazed by all the great reviews I saw, so I decided to dive in and find out first hand.

I have to agree with the reviews, I love these jeans! They fit perfectly and I think they look great. My total cost including shipping and tax was $69 (much less than I would pay for a good pair of jeans). They took about 3.5 weeks to make and once shipped I received them in 3 business days. They even emailed me while they were in production to double check that my measurements were correct! Nothing like a great product and great customer service to go with it!

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