Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ninja Ride Through Yarnell

First of all this post is long overdue! 
The first perfect weekend in Arizona means time to go riding! I really haven't had a chance to ride my motorcycle since I got it fixed in November, so I was overdue for a good ride! A few of us met up at In-N-Out Burger filled our bellies, gassed up the bikes and road off. It was one of the longest rides I have so far been on, we were 1/4 the way to Vegas (I think that will be our next trip). It was smooth riding till we hit some construction which lead to an entire lane blocked off on a two lane road. So we had to wait for the oncoming traffic line to pass before it was our turn. (Perfect photo opportunity) 

After about 2 hrs of riding we were on a mission to find a place to stop for some grub. We stopped at a few different cafés but most of them shut down shop at 2:00pm. Determined to fill our growling bellies we finally found the T-Bird Café, a cute little pizza diner!  

The view outside of the T-Bird Café.
And the view from inside!
We ordered pizza and wings. They were both absolutely delicious, even though we
only ate the toppings from the pizza (we stay away from gluten and grains when possible.)
Our bikes parked at the lookout spot. 

They had lookout points you could pull over to so you could stop and take in the view. It was breathtaking. The blues showing the distinction between the mountains had a fairytale affect. They were just dreamy.  On the way home it was amazing to see dozens of hot air balloons descending to land, along with a few hang gliders. I haven't seen hang gliders before so that was a first. Obviously I couldn't take my eyes off the road for too long. 
(No pictures are shown because I was busy riding.)

A few months later during the summer a wildfire spread over the town of Yarnell, Arizona. It was ignited by lightning and spread quickly. While trying to control the fire a group of 19 highly experienced firefighters known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots were overrun and killed by the fire. I felt the need to include this with my post because it is an important part of Yarnell history. The Granite Mountain Hotshots will not be forgotten. 

There are a few different links you can go to donate to the families of the 19 fallen firefighters or other firefighter foundations. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aerial Yoga

I love to trying new things, especially when a workout is involved! I decided it was time to give aerial yoga a try. Yes, the yoga where you hang in various poses from the ceiling in silks. Great for someone who wants a bit of a challenge and to achieve a deeper stretch.

The class I took was called Fly Yoga, great for both beginners and advanced yogis! The studio only accepts donations so it is as affordable as you want it to be! Everyone grabs a mat and places it under a hanging silk that is the correct height for each individual. For the first half hour it is the basic yoga but with added difficulty, for example having one leg in the silk while holding a suspended plank or side plank then pull it up to a pike. (I enjoyed the challenge).  

Next you get to fly!! I dove right in trusting the silks wouldn't let me fall as long as I followed the instructor. (A bit of advice do not eat too much before you try aerial yoga, it can get ugly.) We did some upside down abs, splits, flying lotus, if you start to feel nauseous there is a pose to rest in called the I'm gonna puke pose to help you find your equilibrium.

The instructor was very friendly and even snapped a few photos for me. If you are in the Phoenix area and want to give it a try, check out Ra-Yoga you can guarantee yourself a spot by registering for a class online. 

Don't mind the dirty foot, bare foot + old wooden floor = dirty feet! 
Watch out cirque du soleil, here I come!